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Goodhue County Coop News



Annual Line Patrol

Each year, during the winter months, the cooperative does line patrol.  We check overhead lines, underground cabinets, transformers, and all other equipment along the roadway and on private property.  This is done to make sure everything is in good working condition and no hazards exist.  This year we will be concentrating on the Kenyon substation, mainly Holden, Kenyon, and Wanamigo townships.  If you see one of our vehicles stopped near you home or business or inspecting the transformer, meter, or pole on your property, this is likely the reason.  All of our vehicles are clearly marked.  If you have any questions or see something suspicious, please call the office and we will be happy to verify where they are working and what they are looking at.  Thank you for letting us do our job to ensure safe and reliable electric service to your home or business!




Co-ops launch one-stop shop for EV chargers

August 14, 2019

The easiest way to help consumers transition from traditional gasoline vehicles to an electric vehicle (EV) is by making the process as simple as possible.

Great River Energy and its participating member-owner cooperatives are doing their part by creating a one-stop shop for member-consumers to purchase and install an EV charging station in their garage.

Electric vehicle owners can choose between three models of Level 2 chargers through the online Energy Wise MN Store.

The EVSE One-Stop Shop launched through the Energy Wise MN online store, offering a discounted price for equipment at the time of purchase on a first-come, first-served basis for 200 consumer-members. EVSE, or electric vehicle supply equipment, is the necessary infrastructure to charge an electric vehicle at home.

Shoppers can choose between three models of Level 2 EV chargers manufactured by ZEF Energy. Each of the chargers work with all plug-in vehicles and meet automaker standards to ensure a reliable charge every time.

“With this promotion we’re looking to alleviate the upfront cost barrier to purchasing and installing a charger while also removing the guesswork on which charger is best, given how many are on the market,” said Tara Collins, member marketing strategist and program manager. “Great River Energy and our member-owners have worked with ZEF Energy on many projects over the years and we have confidence in their products.”

This promotion will also help Great River Energy and its member-owners collect a larger data set across their shared service territory to better define expected annual EV kilowatt-hour usage and daily load profile data from a variety of load control options.

Visit to view the available EVSE models and to see other current promotions available to consumer-members of participating cooperatives.





We're taking a bold step—doing something no energy provider has ever done.

We're offering you an opportunity to power your electric vehicle with 100% wind energy, for the lifetime of that vehicle, at no extra cost. You'll still have to pay for the energy you use, but you'll be able to do so knowing that when you go electric, you'll always be going green. Visit or click on the image of EEVIE above!





Register for Outage Texting!

Visit the Outage Center page (tab at the top) and click on the SIGN UP link to register your account and phone for outage texting!  You will be able to enter the word Outage along with a keyword and send it via text to 55050 to report an outage.  That's it.  No phone call to make, just a simple message and dispatch will be alerted.  Make sure you read the instructions (along the left hand side) while you are signing up.  You need to register your account number, phone number, and a keyword (such as 'home' or 'farm') in order for the feature to work properly.

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